Gov. signs bills on abortion risks, bus safety, soda pop, peanut festival and more

Photo: Governor’s office

Gov. Pat McCrory signed 43 bills into law on Thursday, including a measure directing the public school health curriculum to teach that abortions are a risk factor for subsequent preterm labor.

Also made law were proposals to improve school bus safety, bar local governments from banning large soft drinks and another to establish an official state peanut festival, along with three dozen more bills.

S132-Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth

The most controversial bill signed by McCrory on Thursday, the measure would have the health curriculum in public schools include information on “preventable risks for preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies, including induced abortion, smoking, alcohol consumption, the use of illicit drugs and inadequate prenatal care.”

The measure passed 69-42 in the House and 32-12 in the Senate, largely along party lines.

H428-North Carolina School Bus Safety Act

The bill enhances penalties for passing a stopped school bus and is named for Hasani N. Wesley, a Forsyth County sixth-grade student who was killed in December when crossing a street to reach his bus.

The measure passed unanimously in both the House and Senate.

S399-Criminal Defendant May Waive Jury Trial

The bill seeks an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution to allow defendants accused of a crime where the state is not seeking the death penalty to waive a trial by jury and instead be tried by a Superior Court judge.

The proposed amendment passed 104-1 in the House and 44-0 in the Senate. It will be on the general election ballot in 2014.

H683-Commonsense Consumption Act

Called the “anti-Bloomberg” bill in reference to the ban on large soda servings promoted by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the measure would bar local governments in North Carolina from regulating the size of soft drinks for sale. The bill would also limit the liability of food manufacturers for obesity and other health problems allegedly arising from the long-term consumption of their products.

The bill passed 99-16 in the House and 37-9 in the Senate.

S465-Prohibit Use of Tax Zapper Software

The measure bans the sale, purchase, possession, installation or use of so-called “tax-zapper software” designed to alter the records of electronic cash registers for tax-evasion purposes.

The bill passed 108-0 in the House and 48-0 in the Senate.

H917-Adopt Dublin Peanut Festival

The proposal names the Dublin Peanut Festival, held annually in September since 1993, as the official peanut festival of North Carolina.

It passed 114-0 in the House and 46-0 in the Senate.

Here are the other bills signed by McCrory on Thursday, along with their vote tallies in the legislature:

H137-Reward Amt/Arrest of Fugitive From Justice (House: 115-0; Senate: 45-0)

H161-Mandatory Retirement Age for Magistrates (House: 87-31; Senate: 45-0)

H168-Divison of Atty’s Fees in Workers’ Comp. (House: 112-0; Senate: 41-0)

H176-Charter School Election (House: 112-1; Senate: 45-0)

H214-Amend Real Estate License Law/Records (House: 108-0; Senate: 48-0)

H241-Blue Monday Shad Fry (House: 117-0; Senate: 46-0)

H257-Unclaimed Property Program Improvements (House: 114-0; Senate: 46-0)

H296-Omnibus Wildlife Resources Commission Act (House: 106-5; Senate: 38-3)

H327-Fire and Rescue Pension Revisions of 2013 (House: 114-0; Senate: 46-0)

H340-Limited Lines Travel Insurance (House: 113-1; Senate: 46-0)

H345-Increase Penalties for Misuse of 911 System (House: 114-0; Senate: 46-0)

H357-Retirement Governance Changes Act of 2013 (House: 113-0; Senate: 46-0)

H358-Retirement Technical Corrections (House: 118-0; Senate: 46-0)

H362-Dept. of Public Safety Changes (House: 113-0; Senate: 45-0)

H371-Chiropractic Assistant Certification/Fee (House: 114-2; Senate: 45-0)

H391-Volunteer Service in Retirement (House: 112-0; Senate: 46-0)

H402-TRICARE Supplement for Flex Accounts (House: 115-0; Senate: 45-0)

H450-Criminal Contempt/Bail Procedure (House: 112-0; Senate: 44-0)

H462-Increase Family Court Fee (House: 107-4; Senate: 39-5)

H474-Redeposit Govt. Funds Into Ins. Deposit Acct. (House: 115-0; Senate: 49-0)

H492-Safeguard Qualified Individuals-Medicaid PCS (House: 114-0; Senate: 45-0)

H614-N.C. Agriculture and Forestry Act (House: 103-2; Senate: 49-0)

H635-Involuntary Commitment Custody Orders (House: 118-0; Senate: 44-0)

H754-Lease Purchase of Real Property/Comm. Coll. (House: 114-0; Senate: 45-0)

H783-Pyrotechnics Technical and Conforming Changes (House: 114-0; Senate: 44-0)

H816-Tobacco Growers Assessment Act (House: 112-0; Senate: 43-0)

H828-Update Physical Therapy Practice Act (House: 114-0; Senate: 46-0)

H895-UNC/MAHEC/Honor Rep. Mary Nesbitt (House: 113-0; Senate: 46-0)

H982-Modify Medicaid Subrogation Statute (House: 113-1; Senate: 44-0)

S174-Disapprove Industrial Commission Rules (House: 101-2; Senate: 44-0)

S231-Modify Duties/Advisory Council on Indian Educ. (House: 109-0; Senate: 44-0)

S248-Choice of Hearing Aid Specialist (House: 111-0; Senate: 49-0)

S280-DCR/Historic Sites/Fees (House: 101-1; Senate: 44-0)

S316-Pretrial Release/Rebuttable Presumption (House: 109-0; Senate: 46-0)

S378-Assess Propane Dealers/Distributors (House: 106-4; Senate: 43-0)

S717-MV Safety Inspector/MV Licensing Law Changes (House: 108-1; Senate: 42-0)

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