Gov. McCrory issues first veto of 2014 legislative session

Photo: Governor’s Office

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory issued his first veto of the 2014 legislative session on Tuesday and just the third of his 18-month administration.

The governor’s rejection of House Bill 1069 (“Unemployment Insurance Law Changes”) centered on a provision in the measure that would impact his appointments to the Board of Review, which hears appeals arising from decisions by the Division of Employment Security.

In vetoing the measure, McCrory released the following statement:

“After reviewing House Bill 1069, I have determined a veto is the proper course of action.

“Although the vast majority of this bill contains much needed revisions to unemployment insurance laws, there are unacceptable provisions which stagger and shorten terms of current lawfully seated members. I appointed these members following a previous legislative directive that did not require confirmation for initial appointees.

“The three qualified, capable and bipartisan appointees by all accounts have performed well.

“I look forward to working with House and Senate leaders to help craft a new bill which addresses our concerns while also improving employment policies.

“Therefore, I veto the bill.”

The vetoed measure passed 43-6 in the Republican-led N.C. Senate and 69-46 in the GOP-controlled N.C. House.

McCrory issued two vetoes last year, both of which were overridden by the legislature.

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