Video: Photo ID opponents caution against disenfranchising N.C. voters

The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, along with the ACLU of North Carolina, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and Democracy North Carolina held a press conference on Wednesday at the N.C. General Assembly voicing their opposition to a potential photo ID requirement for voting.

The groups say that the state’s current identification laws have proven to be effective in combating voter fraud to the point that cases are extremely rare in North Carolina. They also reference data from the State Board of Elections indicating that hundreds of thousands of voters may not have a state-issued photo ID.

As part of an effort to raise awareness of the possible impact of a photo identification requirement for voting, the allies have launched a website at and will begin distributing a public service announcement to radio stations around the state.

The 60-second spot can be heard with the player below or online here.

Republican legislative leaders have said they plan on taking up a new photo ID requirement in this year’s session. Gov. Pat McCrory recently indicated that he is in favor of increased identification requirements for voting, but might support alternatives to a strict, photo-ID-only proposal.

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