Weekly ad roundup

It has been a week of hard hitting ads in South Carolina, with Super PACs flexing their muscle alongside the campaigns themselves.  President Obama even waded onto the airwaves with an ad airing in key battleground states, including North Carolina.  According to the Washington Post, more than $12 million have been spent on ads in South Carolina so far, adding up to approximately 25,000 ads on the airwaves.

A few of the highlights:

Santorum takes Romney to task for being the same as President Obama in a tough ad.

Romney airs an ad contrasting his positions with those of Obama’s using excerpts from his New Hampshire victory speech.

Ron Paul has an ad that attacks all 3 of his opponents before touting his accomplishments and vision.

Perhaps the most original ad comes from Winning Our Future, a Super PAC supporting Newt Gringrich, that imagines a debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Finally, Obama already goes up on the air in North Carolina with this ad:


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