NC ad roundup

Early voting is underway across North Carolina and the primary is right around the corner, but the airwaves are still relatively quiet in some of the top tier races.  Pat McCrory doesn’t have much to worry about in his primary, so it’s no surprise that he’s not spending money on TV advertising right now.  That said, McCrory has put up a web video this week urging folks to vote early.

Interestingly, the video also encourages voters to show their ID at the polls, which of course they are not required to do.  McCrory is a strong supporter of photo ID legislation, and most polls show the general public supports it as well, so perhaps this is an indication he may try to make it a campaign issue this fall.

Running in the race to challenge McCrory, the presumptive GOP nominee, is Democrat Walter Dalton.  Lt. Governor Dalton is the first candidate up with a major ad buy with this spot:

The Dalton ad does a pretty clever job of getting his name out there to a largely undecided Democratic electorate.  It also hits on the two major campaign themes in the Democratic primary, jobs and education.  It will be interesting to see what, if any, advantage Dalton will have over his opponents as May 8 gets closer.

Finally, Tony Gurley, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, put up this ad recently:

When you’re dealing with low name ID in a statewide election, using your name a lot in an ad is a pretty good tactic to increase that recognition with voters.  The ad says his name at least six times and it’s written on screen in some form in every shot.  It also hits on two major issues for the Republican party, photo ID and the same-sex marriage amendment.  For Republican voters who don’t know Tony Gurley, the ad probably serves as a pretty good introduction.

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