NC ad roundup

Last week we looked at ads from Walter Dalton and Tony Gurley, so this week we’re taking a look at ads from two of their challengers.

The first is from Bob Etheridge, candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, and features Etheridge touting his record and experience.

The ad highlights Etheridge’s experience as a former Superintendent of Public Instruction, with no mention of his time in Congress or the NC General Assembly.  Like Dalton, Etheridge also stresses education and jobs in his ad, but also veers to attack the Republican legislature for slashing funding for schools.  In a Democratic primary, attacking Republicans in your ad could prove to be a sound strategy.

The next ad comes from Dale Folwell, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor.  Folwell is in a competitive primary and his ad focus on his achievements in the NC House of Representatives.

Folwell’s ad does a good job trumpeting his experience advocating for issues that could be important to Republican primary voters (“malpractice reform,” “family values legislation” and fighting “against taxation, regulation and illegal immigration”).

Also on the air in advance of the May 8 primary are ads from each side of the amendment question.

From supporters of the amendment:

And from opponents of the amendment:

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