Romney wins N.C. Electoral College votes

Over 4.5 million North Carolina voters cast a ballot in this year’s presidential contest, but it was the votes of 15 people at the State Capitol more than a month after Election Day that technically mattered most.

The 56th meeting of the N.C. Electoral College took place in Raleigh on Monday. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall oversaw the proceedings as a slate of Republican electors – one from each congressional district and two selected at-large – officially awarded North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes to Mitt Romney, who carried the state by 92,000 ballots in November.

The outcome of the electors’ vote was unsurprising, given that state law requires them to support the candidate who won the state’s popular vote. (That law came about after a “faithless elector” caused a stir in 1968 by voting for George Wallace instead of Richard Nixon.)

Romney fell short of his quest for 270 electoral votes nationwide and the White House, instead carrying 206 electoral votes to President Barack Obama’s 332.  For North Carolina Republicans, Romney’s win in the Tar Heel State was a return to normalcy after Obama won the state in 2008 as the first Democrat to do so since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Full proceedings of the 2012 North Carolina Electoral College can be seen in the video below, provided by

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