McCrory sworn in as governor

Former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory was sworn in at the State Capitol on Saturday, officially becoming North Carolina’s first Republican governor in 20 years.

The event broke from the tradition of holding the swearing-in at inaugural festivities open to the public. Instead, McCrory decided to take the oath of office at a private ceremony before state lawmakers return to work for a brief session on Jan. 9. More inaugural festivities, including a parade and open house at the Executive Mansion, will be held on Jan. 12.

Outgoing Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue attended the ceremony, handing over to McCrory the state seal as a sign of the shift in gubernatorial power. After the transition McCrory hugged Perdue, to whom he had lost his initial run for governor in 2008. North Carolina Chief Justice Sarah Parker then administered the oath of office.

Once sworn in as just the fourth Republican North Carolina governor since 1901, McCrory offered a few brief remarks.

“Our goal was not to get a title. Our goal was to lead, and to govern, and to serve with a purpose, and that’s what we’re going to begin doing today,” McCrory said. “Let us all work together and let us never forget our purpose.”

Full video of the swearing-in ceremony can be seen below, courtesy of UNC-TV:



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