The Battle Between Clinton and Trump

If you ask ten people about the race between Trump and Clinton, you will get 100 different views. The answers ranging from educated guesses to outright complete fabrications. The truth, it seems, is ever evasive. Both Americans and the world are watching the race with anticipation. The biggest questions being who is better to save the economy, help people from ever-growing debt and the companies that pursue and harass Americans, and lead the country.

The post-conventions polls show that Clinton is ahead of Trump in many states. With less than 100 days before the elections in November, anything is possible. Based on a new poll, Clinton is gaining grounds in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Another survey shows that Trump is leading in Georgia, New Hampshire, and Indiana.

Trump declared that the election is “rigged” and promised to make things right. At the same time, he attacked women, Muslims, Mexicans, and others. He too gained a small bounce after the Republican National Convention. Small compared to Clinton. Conventions boosts are standard in U.S. elections, so we need to wait to see if it will last for both candidates.

If Hillary could maintain her polls in the battleground states, Trump would be in a tight spot. RealClearPolitics shows that the polls favor Clinton, so far. Trump continues his shenanigans and as a result, he lost the support of many of his allies inside his own Party. Trump needs help to finance his campaign, and cannot afford to alienate more groups. While Clinton raised the total of $275M for her campaign, she is way higher than Mr. Trump in that regard.

In the upcoming weeks and months, conservative voters will have to decide. They consider Trump to be their nemesis. So will they stay home? Alternatively, will they support Clinton even though Mr. Trump is far more conservative than Clinton? Trump might reach for Americans who are not inclined to vote for Republicans. Like, blue-collar, middle-class voters and small business owners. The question is will these votes make up for Mr. Trump’s loss? Will he stand the tsunami of Democratic voters?

Clinton started criticizing Trump’s personality, trying to portray him as an unfit and reckless. Trump is adding more fire to the fuel. Clinton’s reputation received a blow with the recent leaking from her email server. Both candidates, it seems, have their vices. When you look at the Trump vs. Hillary issue, the race is unpredictable, and there’re many unknown variables in the equation.

In any event, to be honest, there’s no way of telling who is going to make it to the White House as the winner. Both Clinton and Trump are on the way, but only one will make it. Who? It is not yet determined, it is up for the voters at this point, as it always has been. So if social media followers and likes mean anything, Mr. Trump have a larger following on Twitter and more likes on Facebook, while Clinton is taking the lead on YouTube. All in all, it is a fun race, and we are waiting for the results. May the fastest candidate win the race.

Post written by Stephen Baker, chief writer at Salon, and Politico.

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